While our SAT & ACT Exam Prep courses give students practice, tips and strategies for success, some students need more focused instruction in a specific area.

Step-Up allows students to choose math or English for additional preparation and is intended to enhance our full SAT or ACT exam prep course.

If I have already taken an act or sat exam prep, do i need to take step-up?

Step-Up is a separate course intended to boost students' scores in a particular area.

What content areas does Step-Up address?

 Students choose either Step-Up Math or Step-Up English.

What does step-up english cover?

Step-Up English emphasizes mechanics in reading, grammar, and writing. Instructors highlight test-taking strategies. Students also review how to analyze data when presented in charts and graphs.

What does step-up math cover?

Step-Up Math provides additional focus on skills necessary to improve math scores. Students practice typical problem types encountered on both exams. In-depth review gives students the tools needed to improve performance and confidence.

why isn't there a Step-up science course?

The science section on the ACT tests students' ability to synthesize information by reading charts and graphs. This skill is assessed on the SAT within the Evidence-based reading section. For this reason, analysis of data is covered in the Step-Up English course.

May a student sign up for both Step-Up Math and Step-Up English?

Yes, a student may sign up for one or both of the courses.

Cell Phone Policy

We want all students to be fully engaged in their test prep course.  To encourage full immersion, we ask that students limit cell phone use during class. Students are welcome to use their cell phones on breaks, but phones should be tucked away for the duration of learning.

are parents allowed to attend class with their student?

We do not allow non-paid individuals/parents to audit the class. Only paid students and instructors are allowed in the classroom.

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