SAT/ACT Exam Prep FAQs

Please refer to this page for frequently asked questions related to Central Piedmont's Collegiate Test Prep's SAT and ACT Exam Prep Courses.

What do students learn in the session?

Students will work through test prep strategies, including time management, skipping strategies, guessing strategies, and common question types, among other concepts. Some curriculum is reviewed in terms of test prep strategies. However, these are not curriculum courses, and curriculum will not be taught in detail.

What do students need to bring with them?

Students need to bring a notebook, writing utensil, a calculator, and a snack. Wear layers as the classroom could vary in temperature. Computers are not necessary for class participation. A workbook will be provided to each student to keep. Students are responsible for bringing them to each class to fully participate in the session.

How are the classes organized?

Each session has four classes, four hours each. Class time is spent working through each section of the test.

Where can I find the class meeting information?

An information email will be sent out approximately one week before the session begins. Make sure to use an active email address for registration so that vital communication is received in a timely manner. Add the confirmation email ( to the safe senders list to prevent communication going to the spam/junk box. 

What is the attendance policy?

Attendance is expected for each class. Instruction is typically in-person and exclusive to the class, so valuable information is missed when absent. Students cannot take a class at a later date to replace a missed class.

Will students take a practice test?

Students will be expected to take an online-based practice test at home before the first class. Instructions will be emailed out approximately one week before the session starts.

Will students get a break during class?

Students typically get a ten-minute break halfway through the class. However, instructors may give additional breaks as needed. Students are free to use the restroom at any time during the class.

Is food provided during the class?

Food is not provided during the class. Students are encouraged to bring a drink and a snack with them. Vending machines are available on campus for students who do not come prepared with a drink/snack.

Cell phone policy?

We want all students to be fully engaged in their test prep course. To encourage full immersion, we ask that students limit cell phone use during class. Students are welcome to use their cell phones on breaks but phones should be tucked away during the duration of learning.

Are classes in-person or virtual?

Most courses are in-person. However, an online version is occasionally offered.

Can students repeat the class for free?

Students cannot repeat a class free of charge. If they would like to take the class again, they will need to register for a new session and pay the tuition for the offering.

Will students have access to the curriculum materials outside of class?

Collegiate Test Prep curriculum materials are not shared externally. Instructors offer information on accessible resources that extend beyond the classroom so that students can continue their prep once the session has concluded. The class workbook will also include additional resources to continue the prep process.

What is the weather policy?

If the college closes due to sever inclement weather, classes will be adjusted accordingly. In most cases, if the class is completely canceled, a makeup class will be offered at a later date; either in-person or offered in a synchronous virtual environment.

Can parents or visitors attend class with the student?

We do not allow non-paid individuals/parents to audit the class. Only paid students and instructors are allowed in the classroom.

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