Boost your test scores even further! Step-Up picks up where the SAT & ACT Exam Prep courses leave off. These courses are intended to enhance knowledge learned in a full length test prep course.

Step-Up is offered for English and Math. Students may choose one or both offerings.  These courses can also be a good fit for those students who need to focus on a specific subject area.

Step-Up English emphasizes mechanics in reading, grammar, and writing. Instructors highlight test-taking strategies. Students also review how to analyze data when presented in charts and graphs

Step-Up Math provides additional focus on skills necessary to improve math scores. Students practice typical problem types encountered on both exams. In-depth review gives students the tools needed to improve performance and confidence.

Registration Fee

$125 per student (Fee includes 6 hours of instruction and supplementary materials.)

Refund Policy: Thank you for investing in your success with Collegiate Test Prep. Because materials are purchased for each student upon enrollment, we are not able to provide refunds.
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Course Sessions

English Spring Weekend
Saturday & Sunday
May 14 , 15
9am - 12pm
Central Campus
Math Spring Weekend
Saturday & Sunday
May 21 , 22
9am - 12pm
Central Campus
About the SAT/ACT Step-Up
While our SAT & ACT Exam Prep courses give students practice, tips, and strategies for success, some students need more focused instruction in a specific area.

Step-Up allows students to choose math or English for additional preparation and is intended to enhance our full SAT or ACT exam prep course.

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