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OUr Course Features:

  • In-person instruction.
  • Dedicated faculty with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Content review in math, science, English and reading.
  • Personalized feedback from instructors.
  • A flexible learning schedule. Options are
    • eight, 3-hour evening sessions twice per week,
    • six, 4-hour daytime sessions three times per week, or
    • two-day weekend program.

Registration Fee

$350 per student (Fee includes ATI TEAS Study Manual, two official online practice tests, and supplementary materials.)

Refund Policy: Thank you for investing in your success with Collegiate Test Prep. Because materials are purchased for each student upon enrollment, we are not able to provide refunds.
Exam Prep
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Course Sessions

Fall Daytime Session
Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays
November 4 , 5, 7, 11, 12, 14
9am - 1pm
Central Campus
Winter Weekend Session
Saturday & Sunday
December 12 , 13
8am - 5:30pm
Central Campus
About the ATI TEAS
ATI TEAS scores are an important part of the admissions process for entrance into Nursing and Allied Health programs. It is recommended that students complete their core courses including Anatomy and Physiology before sitting for the ATI TEAS Exam.

This 170-item multiple-choice exam measures essential skills in mathematics, reading, science, English and language usage. ATI TEAS is offered in a computer administered format. Each of the four sections is timed for a total of 209 minutes (3 hours and 29 minutes). No breaks are allowed. Test results are available immediately after completion of the test.
Content areas are divided in the following manner:

Reading: 64 minutes / 53 questions
o    Key ideas and detail
o    Craft and structure
o    Integration of knowledge and ideas

Mathematics: 54 minutes / 36 questions
o    Numbers algebra
o    Measurement and data

Science: 63 minutes / 53 questions
o    Human anatomy and physiology
o    Life and physical science
o    Scientific reasoning

English and Language Usage: 28 minutes / 28 questions
o    Conventions of standard English
o    Knowledge of language
o    Vocabulary acquisition

Students applying for admission to Nursing and Allied Health Programs are required to take the ATI TEAS. The exam is scored from 0 to 100%. Admission requirements vary by program; please check with your program of choice for specific testing requirements.

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